AustrianGrid Certification Authority

Globus 2.x and 4.x Gatekeeper configuration

Acceptance of certificates issued by AustrianGrid CA

Please change the corresponding parameters to match your policy.

Acceptance of certificates issued by other CAs

If you want your server to accept certificates issued by other CAs accredited with members of the International Grid Trust Federation of which EUGridPMA is the European member, you can download their relevant root certificates, policy and other files (the trust anchors) from the repository graciously maintained by EUGridPMA; only use files from the "accredited" subdirectory.

The files are provided to the best of the maintainer's knowledge. So you should validate the correctness of the trust anchors with the TERENA Academic CA Repository (TACAR) where you find the root certificates and CP/CPS documents of CAs that have gone through the TERENA authentication process, or, otherwise, check with the CAs themselves.

Install the files for the CAs you want to accept certificates from in parallel to the files relevant for the AustrianGrid CA.

Page last updated: 2008-09-30 10:29