AustrianGrid Certification Authority

Requirements for the renewal of a certificate:

  1. The existing certificate is still valid.
  2. It hasn't been revoked.

Requesting a certificate renewal

Users requesting a certificate renewal must:

  1. know the serial number of the certificate to be renewed
  2. enter its decimal value on the web page "Certificate Renewal"
  3. download the generated script
  4. execute the script which generates a new key pair (the public key is contained in the Certificate Signing Request)
  5. if the certificate is for a host or a service create a short text file (less than 100 characters) and sign it with the still valid and non-revoked private key of the service/host as described during the script-generation process
  6. send the Certificate Signing Request, and in case of a host/server certificate the signed file as attachments to their Registration Authority as indicated as part of the generation process
For a more detailed information see this document.

Page last updated: 2008-09-30 10:29