AustrianGrid Certification Authority

New Root Certificate


As the old CA Root Certificate nears its expiry date a new one was issued (for the same key pair).

Replace the old AustrianGridCA Root Certificate for all your applications (e.g. Grid middleware, web servers, web browsers, e-mail clients) as soon as possible!!!

It is important that you replace them, not add to them, because the new Root Certificate has the same serial number as the old one. This was necessary because all end-entity certificates up to now have the serial number of the Root certificate in the Authority Key Identifier extension. This will change from now on.

On all Microsoft Windows systems the certificate administration is done at the system level. Therefore go to Internet options -> Content -> Certificates (from within the system level, IE or Outlook) and delete the old AustrianGrid CA Root Certificate.

For all browsers except IE (Mozilla, Seamonkey, Firefox, etc.) running under all operating systems open the browser, got to Preferences, go to the certificate administration and delete the old AustrianGrid CA Root Certificate.

Finally open the web page Root Certificate & CRL and "Dowload into the browser" or save the Root Certificate on a file and "import" it into your browser and mail client (e.g. Thunderbird).

Page last updated: 2010-01-14 18:55