AustrianGrid Certification Authority

You can download the following files you need to act as a relying party accepting certificates issued by the AustrianGrid Certification Authority:

PEM format Text format Download into browser
(DER format)
AustrianGrid CA root certificate 6e3b436b.0 X X
AustrianGrid CA certificate revocation list 6e3b436b.r0 X X

As of 2005-06-30 the default file name for the PEM format downloads has changed to 6e3b436b.0 (was cacert.pem) and 6e3b436b.r0 (was crl.pem), names required by Globus.

When you have troubles accessing the root certificate with Internet Explorer delete any previously stored AustrianGrid CA Root Certificate (see News/New Root Certificate).

AustrianGrid CA signing-policy file: 6e3b436b.signing_policy

Page last updated: 2008-09-16 00:44